Our History

Honouring those
who have come before us,
and those who will come after us.

gowlland harbour views

Chief Billy Assu c. 1915
Campbell River Museum
(H. Twiddle)

gowland harbour views

Protecting the environment

gowlland harbour views

Outdoor recreational opportunities
for a healthier lifestyle

gowland harbour views

A sense of place
Gowlland Harbour

gowlland harbour views

Transportation in a rural setting




Our History and Philosophy


1) Environmental protection and enhancement

Gowlland Harbour Views property was originally purchased as a site for silviculture activities. However, the owner Rick Schellinck realized that this unique property had a much higher and better use which could contribute far more to the community values of Quadra Island.


The 158-acre GHV property includes several exceptional ecosystems of old growth forests, woodland trails and farmland. The property prominently showcases over 10,000 feet of waterfront that will now be more accessible by the public.


Many of the homes in the Gowlland Harbour Views development will have a conservation covenant on them with a specific building envelope that offers spectacular views of the ocean through the trees to the ocean.


We are committed to protecting the environment and the natural vegetation and wildlife of Quadra Island.


2) A healthy lifestyle

Within the property we plan to work with the Strathcona Regional District to develop approximately 4,000 feet of trails. Our land is within 800 feet from the Quadra Island Community Center, and the entire community trails system. We are less than one mile from Quadra Elementary School, and 400 feet from April Point Lodge Marina.


Ocean views and old growth forest await the intrepid hiker, and opportunities to also access over 8,000 feet of beaches. Our master trail system has been completed with care and consideration of the environment. Trails will be built with no significant trees being removed and care will be taken around any environmentally sensitive areas.


In support of a healthier lifestyle on Quadra Island organic farming will be encouraged on the agricultural portion of the property.


3) A sense of place

Gowlland Harbour Views is situated in one of the most well known areas of Quadra Island, just next to April Point Lodge and fronting Gowlland Harbour. The property is rich with history and cultural values. The landscape and tree line have inspired boaters for years.


In the past the property was a gathering place for the We Wai Kai First Nations who used the area for their summer encampments. It is GHV's intention to preserve this cultural heritage and recognize the We Wai Kai's historical connection to the land by naming the two proposed parks in honour of local First Nations leaders. 


A west coast palette of rich greens and blues derives from the tones of the native landscape. We plan to incorporate these natural colors so that each house will blend into the tree line.


4) A sense of community

In the belief that community and conservation can go hand in hand, the trails and forests of GHV are designed to be places where people can enjoy and care for the land. Using fee simple development tools, we will establish conservation convenants and trail linkages, disclosure statements, and an overall building scheme to ensure neighbourhood continuity.  For the strata portion of GHV, we will have a Strata Corporation that will be responsible for the its community amenities, design review, and other aspects of the strata's community life at GHV.


Environmental stewardship activities will be part of the code of bylaws. These bylaws will set of regulations to care for and maintain the conservation covenant areas under the guidance of certified arborists and environmental monitors. We plan to work collaboratively with our neighbours, seeking to achieve synergies. In providing a community gathering place or amenity building, we hope to encourage connections between GHV, neighbors and the community at large.


5) Convenient and efficient transportation

GHV proposed development is approximately 5-6 minutes from Quathiaski Cove, the ferry, and the elementary school. The ferry trip to Campbell River is only 15 minutes for commuters and students going to high school or local colleges.


6) Energy conservation

Homes at GHV will be constructed with techniques that reduce energy consumption by approximately 25-50% in comparison to older homes in the area. Our strata corporation bylaws will encourage community-wide recycling and composting programs.


GHV development is designed to encourage walking and biking as alternatives to short trips by automobile. We will be working with solar power cells to reduce the energy drain and plan to have our amenity building and our sewage treatment pumping systems equipped with solar energy. The new homes of the GHV will be designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.


7) Aesthetic design and high-quality construction

Professionals who are highly accomplished in their fields have been responsible for land planning and architecture. High standards of design and execution throughout GHV are a priority. GHV hope to meld the beauty of nature and building design with the natural landscape.


8) Economic viability

The future owners and families will wish to see the conservation community concept set, as an example to the community. They will make every effort to ensure that the project is economically feasible and have carefully budgeted for long-term success.


9) Restoring Vegetation:

GHV has identified several areas that will be regenerated by planting natural species. Restored natural landscapes offer beautiful views and valuable habitat. (We have a regeneration of over a 1000 small coniferous trees throughout the property). We plan to place conservation covenants on some of these areas, so they will be protected in perpetuity.

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